Sunday, August 08, 2004

Why I Support W #1: His Political Genus

The political strategy launched by Bush in response to Kerry's taunts to condemn the 'Swifties' has been nothing short of genius. From day one, the president has been honorable in refusing to attack John Kerry's military record, even though Kerry has not been as honorable.

“If George Bush wants to ask me questions about that through his surrogates, he owes America an explanation about whether or not he showed up for duty in the National Guard. Prove it. That's what we ought to have. I'm not going to stand around and let them play games.” -- John Kerry, NBC News, 4/26/04

Despite repeated demands from Kerry and his demwits that the President denounce the 'Swifties' ad campaign, Bush staffers have continued to reiterate that the president will not criticize Kerry's record, and have thrown the gauntlet down for Kerry to join with the president in denouncing all 527 group ads.

Now that rankled a few supporters... vets who empathize with the 'Swifties' and those that find the McCain Feingold bill unconstitutional and anti free speech. But... there's more...

Ignoring continued invitations to join with Bush to denounce 527 attack ads, Kerry stepped up his histronics by siccing Cleland on Bush for the staged melodramatic event in Crawford. (This is the same Cleland who accepted a Bush appointment paying him a salary in excess of 100,000 dollars.) Embarassingly, he is upstaged by the super Bush strategists who send the Texas vet Jerry Patterson out to meet and accept the letter from Cleland, with his own letter (signed by a number of honorable Vietnam Vets) that lets the vets supporting Bush know that he understands and supports their Constitutionally protected right to voice their sentiments.

Then (and here his genius becomes more apparent) Bush shows support and solidarity with McCain by joining forces with him to file a complaint against ALL 527 attack ads. He then completes his 'one-two punch' with another invitation for Kerry to join forces with them (timing the offer to coincided with Kerry's big 527 group releases of Hollywood-produced attack ads scheduled to coincide with the convention.)

When the former governor of Texas Ann Richards called George W an idiot, Bush respectfully replied with a grin that the governor had every right to her opinion, but that ..."this idiot is gonna be in the governor's mansion..." YUP, he was "misunderestimated" right from the get -go. I knew from that moment on that our George W was intelligent and savvy and he has never proven me wrong.

Let me emphasize once again for all you doubters, naysayers and folks from Rio Linda, George W is, once again, exhibiting nothing short of sheer political GENIUS!

You have a right to your own opinions - You do not have a right to your own facts!