Monday, October 18, 2004


Listed below are some of the comments from soldiers and families of soldiers who tell why they support GW... it is from the website 9/11 Families For America... you need to see their site and read all the comments.

From a soldier I know why I'm here, and so do all the troops around me. We were attacked, and within a few minutes we lost 3,000 civilians. We were attacked by terrorists whose breeding ground is the Middle East. We did not overreact or react disproportionately. We reacted precisely, with all our diplomatic, economic, and military might and struck right at the heart of those breeding grounds. It really doesn't matter which country, who had WMD, or who had oil reserves; those are only a means to an end. We went for the heart. In only a few weeks we toppled two countries. That shocked the world. We toppled several others through rigid diplomacy you may not be aware of including Uzbekistan, Pakistan, and many others. So in three years we lost 1,000 soldiers (all volunteers) vs. 3,000 civilians in only minutes. We haven't been attacked since. We are winning, and will continue to win, but only with your support. Stop a moment and look around're safe. I know why I am here.

Susan B. Allen Oct 15, 2004 11:43 am As an American Airlines Flight Attendat who started her career in Washington DC with those incredibly warm and wonderful flight attendants and pilots and a wife of a Marine pilot in Afghanistan, I know that the only way I will feel a measure of saftey is with Pres. George W. Bush as Commander-in-Chief!

Michael Richardson 10/12/2004 3:05:53 PM As a firefighter for over 25 years and the father of a young man fighting the war on terror in Afghanistan, I recognize the need for the strong and courageous leadership we have been blessed with since that fateful day in 2001. I want our country and my son to continue to benefit from the type of leader who makes a decision and then relentlessly pursues his objectives regardless of the pressures put on him by politicians in our country and abroad. I want a leader who recognizes evil and makes no bones about it. I want another four years of George W. Bush. To all those who suffered a personal loss on September 11, 2001...may God grant you peace and comfort, and may you take further solice in knowing that all true Americans stand beside you in your time of need.

Lynell Talley 10/09/2004 I am a proud wife of a soldier in Iraq. He is fighting for peace and for freedom under the outstanding leadership of an outstanding president. Although everyday I face a reality of becoming a widow and my husband faces the reality of losing his life, he and all the other soldiers fighting (American and non) are creating a safe secure future for our children. I couldn't be prouder and President George W. Bush has our support all the way.

William James Epler 10/09/2004 I proudly served in Iraq and was disgusted by the way the media and the Democrats have spun and politicized this war. We are fighting for our nation's survival, but so many people just don't get it. I am glad you do. Your troops know what they are doing is right.

Jeff Cool TSGT NYANG / FDNY 8/30/2004 I'm a proud to serve under President Bush and I hope to continue to do so for four more years.

Shirley Hemenway 9/2/2004 Mother of Ronald Hemenway, USN, Pentagon. Ronald stood behind President Bush the last time he could vote. He asked me why we didn't do anything when the USS Cole was attacked, I could not give him one good reason. He asked why we did nothing when our embassies were attacked. I could not give him one good reason. He is with Jesus now and I know he is behind the president because he is doing something to stop our country from getting attacked again. I feel safer now!

Larry & Marcia Lubbert 9/15/2004 Our 26 year old twin daughters are nurses serving in the United States Army in Baghdad, Iraq. We support George W. Bush, his strong stand to protect our country and our troops.

Kate Emmerson 9/17/2004 Thank you for the opportunity to contribute to your message to the American people. Our family believes that President Bush made the difficult choice of leading his people into unknown and uncertain but necessary endeavors after that day. In our small way we made a difficult choice as well when my husband rejoined the Marine Corps attaching to a unit that would likely mobilize in the event of war. He did mobilize and he came home. Yours did not. We understand duty. President Bush does too, and we will always be loyal to the man who finds hope in disaster, who acknowledges evil when it presents itself, and who chooses to face the problems of our world instead of finding excuses. And we will also be loyal to the families who suffered the greatest impact of that horrid day. Thank you for embodying the values of this nation: honor, duty, sacrifice.

Frederick 9/19/2004 I express my deepest sympathies to all of those who lost loved ones on that tragic day. May we continue the fight that was brought to us on that late summer morning and continue to support the one man that has had the courage to not back down, President Bush. Having served one tour in Iraq, I look forward to returning so that the fight remains off our shores. The battle must be taken to the terrorists wherever they live for if not then the next attack on our soil will have greater consequences. Proudly serving you all, Lee and his family.

Clayton T. Nevling, Major (Ret) 9/29/2004 As an Officer of the US Army, I have observed, and admired, the calm and steady demeanor of our president, and admire his steadfastness in keeping the security of our country as his major goal. I am with him 100%, and pray that the voters will open theireyes and see that he is far superior to his opponent as a leader, and a steadfast defender of our freedoms.

The Richard Hampton family 9/30/2004 We love America. We pray for the America that our family so proudly serves. Our son enlisted in 1997 in the US Army [and is] currently serving in Bagdad Iraq in OIF II with the 1st CAV Division from Fort Hood, Texas. My brother is on special assignment in Iraq will graduate 200 Iraqi national guardsmen October 2, 2004. They want to be FREE! We have 8 nephews on active duty military who love America; love Americans and are brave beyond words with all their battle buddies. We are honored at all the troops service and their continued love for America and freedom. LAND OF THE FREE BECAUSE OF THE BRAVE. Never forget 9/11, USS COLE, WTC BOMBING 1993, never forget the sacrifice of these soldiers in the Global War on Terror and the families that have lost their most precious resource THE AMERICAN SOLDIER...OUR MEN AND WOMEN IN UNIFORM AROUND THE WORLD NEED PRESIDENT GEORGE W BUSH IN OFFICE IN 2004 FOR ANOTHER 4 YEARS.

David S. Treadway, Master Gunnery Sergeant, USMC (retired) 10/02/2004 I served in the first Gulf War and believe we are right in being in Iraq and Afghanistan now. If we don't take the fight to the enemy, the enemy will bring his fight to America. It was the case at Pearl Harbor and it was the case at the WTC on Sept 11, 2001.

LTC Dino Sarracino, US Army 9/29/2004 I am a US Army officer who was part of the invasion of Iraq. Your words in The Wall Street Journal, 29 SEP 04, were inspiring and I greatly appreciate your support to our troops! They need to hear how Americans feel. I concur with your assessment of our Commander in Chief. I would follow him to the depths of hell, if he asked. The invasion of Iraq was just and the most logical next step in the war on terrorism. His determination and his "laser-like focus"is an inspiration to all of the armed services. So much so, I volunteered to come to the Army headquarters that is engaged in OEF [Operation Enduring Freedom] and OIF [Operation Iraqi Freedom] knowing that I would be sent back over there. My family is very supportive of this move as well. My wife and I know the significance of the GWOT [global war on terror] and understand just how badly our enemy wants to destroy our way of life. I just wish others in our society understood this as much as we do!

Eric E. Mercker Oct 01, 2004 I only knew one person lost on 9/11. He was an F-4 student about a year behind me but he was the classmate and fellow American Captian with a guy I managed to survive 2 F-4 crashes with. So many Americans have forgotten or worse have chosen to consider 9/11 a non event since it did not affect them. They have no clue that we are engaged in a knife fight in a phone booth. The enemy have no rules and no value for human life. They only comprehend brute force and when engaging such a foe only strength will do. I believe there is no statute of limitations on treason. Mr. Kerry gave aid and comfort to the enemies of the United States while still a commissioned officer of the United States Navy. Sadly so many Americans are simply uninformed or unconcerned with knowing the truth. Best of luck to your groups efforts.

E.E.M. USN (Ret) Glen Thomason Oct 04, 2004 Thank you for posting this web page, it is needed to counter John Kerry and his negative comments about America and our troops. He did the same thing back 32 years ago when I was in Vietnam at the time. I didn't like it then and I don't like it now. Ronald Bailey Oct 04, 2004 Thank you for your courageous stand with President Bush. I am a 60 yr old retired USAF Chief Master Sergeant who retired in May 2004 following 35+ years of service. I can tell you I was extremely proud to serve under President George W. Bush's leadership. I served during the Vietnam era and I personally believe John Kerry committed Treason when he met with the North Vietnamese in Paris because he was still a member of the Naval Reserves. This is a violation of the Uniformed Code of Military Justice. He lacks the integrity to hold the most prestigious office of the USA!

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