Thursday, October 14, 2004


“With all due respect, I’m not sure it’s credible to quote leading ‘news’ organizations about… oh, never mind.”

– by President Bush, responding to Kerry’s claims that “two leading national news networks” had endorsed Kerry’s plans for HillaryCare. Not only did he get take a well deserved jab at CBS and the MSM, he also tweaked Kerry for using the news media to gather numbers for his plans and he did it in a way that made me ROFLOMA! The video is here, courtesy of the invaluable

When asked what is the most important thing you've learned from the strong women in your life? President Bush replies, "Listen to them!" Then Bush made fun of himself a bit saying like when they say stand up straight and don't scowl. But then he talked about Laura and the love for her was so apparent and so warm it brought tears to my eyes. WHAT A MAN!

When Kerry said they had all married up, but he more the rest, but he could take it... I thought it was the first really funny line I have heard from Kerry, but the fact that he did not follow it up with loving words about his wife, in fact no words at all but talked about his dying mother and her last words... "Integrity, integrity, integrity... I think that is going to cause strong negative feelings and distaste for most women. Not sure enough saw it to have any impact, but it was not a shining moment for Kerry.

President Bush FINALLY got the point into a debate that Kerry DID NOT vote for the First Gulf War that he keeps using to slam Bush as an example of a grand coalition.

Kerry thinking he needed to mention Cheney's LESBIAN (his emphasis not mine) daughter (by name no less) ... that was an obvious cheap shot trying alienate the conservative base that the 'tolerant' party thinks is homophobic. It was sleazy when Edwards did it, it was sickening when the man 'who would be president' chooses to stoop so low.

(Stay tuned for more and better highlights, insights and pithy prose later this evening)

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