Saturday, October 09, 2004


Yes GW did better in this debate and we are all gratified that the leader we love (and even more importantly trust) looked good on TV...

But folks... that is NOT what is important. What is important is that GW is the one that can lead us through this war against an enemy that does not fear death and cannot be reasoned with. Kerry and his ilk do not understand this... GW does. He knows these people want to kill us and will do everything they can to achieve this.

But DONT forget... NEVER forget what we are fighting. Even conservatives wrung their hands after the last debate cause our CIC looked stressed. He is NOT, thank God, a political puppet, GW never forgets what we are facing... even if his supporters do from time to time.

That he should look fed up and irritated because this...this.... this.... sigh gotta grit my teeth here... Point is, GW can never forget what is at stake because he has been charged with the responsibility to protect this nation and Kerry is doing his best to undermine that...

Think about this on a personal level... What if a psychotic nut was threatening you and your family with unimaginable horrors and you shot him before he could murder you, your spouse or your children... BUT then some hotshot lawyer comes along and starts posturing and pontificating and accusing you of being wrong to protect your family and insists that you should be removed from head of your household... how would you feel? Knowing that this lawyer wouldn't protect your love ones, but was determined to get rid of you... would it make you angry?

Even knowing that your family will never been safe as long as this creep lives... this self-righteous lawyer keeps insisting that you should have talked to the creep and tried harder and longer to convince him not to hurt your family before you shot him... But this self righteous lawyer is not concerned with keeping your family alive... He is only trying to win favor and votes and attention which is more important to him then whether you and your family lives or dies...

Would that make you angry? Would it make you scowl? Or would it make you want to crawl over that podium and choke the freaking life out of that freakin self-righteous lawyer?

I think our Prez did a great job tonight, and I think he showed a level of self-control both tonight and in the last debate that I could NEVER hope to achieve.

You have a right to your own opinions - You do not have a right to your own facts!