Monday, October 25, 2004


The big breaking story in the Washington Times turned out to be that Kerry has repeatedly lied about his BIG meeting with the members of the UN Security Council the week before voting to authorize the use of force in Iraq.

If you are not already up to speed on the story you need to read article, obviously, but also look at the more detailed information at and why it is important to pay attention to this story at a number of blogs such as Michelle Malkin's, Captain's Quarters, Truth Laid Bear, INDC Journal, and Roger L Simon.

DailyRecycler has the clip of Kerry repeating the lie during the second debate. There is a clip of the lie at Unity Conference. C-SPAN also has the video of Kerry repeating the lie at the Unity Conference. It is located about 49 minutes into the video, select "Sen. John Kerry (D-MA) Remarks at UNITY Conference" under VIDEO/AUDIO "Recent Programs" in the middle of the page.

The points these bloggers make are important and should inspire all of us to let the MSM bury this story because CHARACTER DOES MATTER. And in this case it matters even more because the cornerstone of everything Kerry is claiming about he being the superior choice for president is his integrity, Integrity, INTEGRITY! It has become pretty obvious why his mother felt the need to stress that to him with her last words.

When the WaTimes asked the Kerry campaign last week about the claims they took the "That's my story and I'm sticking to it" stance. Then when told about the results of the investigation they said it was a secret meeting. Much like the trip into Cambodia and the clandestine NY diner endorsements by foreign leaders; one must assume. Since nothing else has yet worked, Kerry has made "Integrity, Integrity, Integrity" the centerpiece of his final days of campaigning and has made repeated, unsubstantiated attacks upon the honesty of President Bush.

But the main reason bloggers must once again lead the charge in not letting this sink into the morass of election rhetoric boredom amidst all Kerry's many exaggerations and lies is in the last line of the WaTimes article:
In an interview published in the new issue of Rolling Stone magazine, Mr. Kerry was asked what he would want people to remember about his presidency. He responded, "That it always told the truth to the American people."
He did not, has not and will not tell the American people the truth, and neither will the MSM. Clinton presented us with proof positive that CHARACTER REALLY DOES MATTER. Let us not fail to learn from our past mistakes, because the dangers in doing so post 9/11 are much more severe than just repeating history.


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