Thursday, October 28, 2004


NEVER FORGET why we are fighting and who has brought us through with strength, determination and steadfastness.

Whatever It Takes!

So are we going to prove the terrorists right? That we are a nation of wussies that will turn tail and run when the going gets tough? And what will be accomplished if this country fires George W because they are weary of war and because it isn't heroic and glorious in the trenches or during the clean up. Kerry is now determined to convince America that this was the wrong war, wrong time and wrong place... but he has a PLAN and could do it better.

Kerry on the War

Worried about the WMDs? Are you worried about them never existing or that they are missing? Even if you believe (sic) like Kerry, who is now screaming about them not existing and calling the president a liar even though Kerry himself and every other responsible person and country believed that they did exist... I think there should be more concern about where they went to... a scenario I am sure that President Bush is at least not ignoring.

But whatever the truth we do know that Saddam WAS a Weapon of Mass Destruction.

What will we accomplish by voting Kerry for president? We would convince the terrorists that we really didn't mean business because we fired the one committed to taking care of business. We would convince our allies that have stuck with us and choose to stand with the US instead of the bribes and kickbacks and anti-American alliances offered by Saddam and our enemies... those mysterious alliances that Kerry considers real while calling our steadfast, reliable, capable friends the "trumped-up, so-called coalition of the bribed, the coerced, the bought, and the extorted."

"Last November, suicide bombers killed 19 Italians stationed at a military police barracks in Nasiriyah, southern Iraq. It was the largest single-incident loss of life for the Italian military since the Second World War, and the shock and pain that reverberated through the country was palpable. Hundreds of thousands of mourners paid tribute at a memorial service in Rome. President Carlo Azeglio Ciampi cut short a visit to the United States to return home.

Inevitably, the tragedy led some Italian politicians to call for the withdrawal of the country's forces from Iraq. The war was never popular with Italians, and such a setback might have resulted in an early exit. But the defiant mood of the country was better captured by Cardinal Camillo Ruini at the massive and moving memorial service.

He said terrorists would not defeat Italy's spirit: "We will not flee from them. Rather we will confront them with all the courage, energy, and determination that we are capable of." Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi's government stood firm. Acknowledging the gravity of the loss and articulating the nation's pain, Berlusconi also gave a ringing defense of Italy's commitment to the struggle in Iraq.

"We feel pride for the courage and humanity with which our troops . . . have worked, and still work, to make the situation tolerable for children, women, the elderly, and the weak who live in that martyred region," he said.

John Kerry doesn't share the Italians' pride in the gallantry of their soldiers
." (From the Weekly Standard)

"With the same energy . . . I put into going after the Viet Cong and trying to win for our country, I pledge to you I will hunt down and capture or kill the terrorists before they harm us," Kerry said. "And we will wage a war on terror that makes America proud and brings the world to our side."

Think about that statement. John Kerry went to Vietnam after not being able to get the deferment he sought. Fought the Viet Cong for only one-third of his commitment, bailing out by using a little-used regulation that allowed a reassignment after three in-theater Purple Hearts, which he collected for uncommonly minor wounds (at least one may have been questionable, even dishonestly acquired.)

Edwards said talk to the men that served with Kerry to find out how he will lead the country... OK, let's do that... but talk to others besides the very few Kerry has selected for you to talk to. Kerry's Gunner

Back in the states, he attacked the US and its soldiers who were still fighting in Vietnam (or in POW camps) publicly siding with the Viet Cong and denouncing our efforts, branding his 'band of brothers' as murderers, rapists, a modern day army of Genghis Khan.

Kerry Sells Out

Not only did he turn against the war against the Viet Cong, he organized massive demonstrations against it, publicly repudiated his own service by tossing (or pretending to toss) his (or someone else's) medals over the White House fence and secretly met for negotiations with the communists against the best interests of his own country.

Kerry Threw Away His Country with His Medals!

Or Did He?

Kerry has already started to keep this campaign promise. After supporting the war on terrorism and the removal of Saddam as a necessary battle in that war, he has backpedaled for a year. He voted to cut off funding to the troops (after he voted for it,) and has since called the war in Iraq the "wrong war at the wrong time in the wrong place," a "grand diversion" and a mistake. But, nonetheless he will get other countries to commit troops and finances to ease the burden on the US.

What do you think the Soldiers TODAY think about Kerry disparaging the work they are doing?

Anti-War and Anti-America is the one stand that Kerry always flips back to, at least when he isn't trying to fool the American people into voting for him. He has undermined public support for the war, fought to cut off funding and has given aid and comfort to the enemy. Now he is once again dishonoring and disrespecting our military just like he did back then.

The Soldiers and families from Vietnam will never forget.

These Men Served. They Know and they know how theses soldiers fighting this war on terrorism today are going to feel if we vote for a president who has, with his wrong war stance, called them fools on a fools mission.

These VETs and POWs want to know WHY Kerry should be trusted to send our sons and daughters into combat when he was the one that condemned their fathers and grandfathers.

Kerry says he will wage a war on terror that will make America proud and bring the world to our side? Is he PLANNING to do that with the global test he has talked about in spite of his claims that he will run the war like Reagan?

The Stakes are too HIGH for us to trust Kerry's obsession with the UN.

These Terrorists are DETERMINED to KILL us!

What about this record of President Bush that Kerry trashes so much? Kerry wants to take us back to the days of the 90s where everything was wonder and terrorism was a nuisance? Terrorism was never a nuisance, it was IGNORED!

How will a President Kerry run this country? Or will he revert to his 'most liberal Senator' mode? Does he really have a plan or will he continue to make his policy according to the front page of the New York Times the same place he gets his talking points?

Kerry can RUN, but even in camo, he CANNOT HIDE from the record.

There are some issues Kerry has never flip-flopped on. He has always adored the UN and played nice with every tolertarian communist leader he has come across. Kerry may have flip-flopped on whether abortion was murder (acknowledging that life starts at conception) but he still remained in favor of it (to the degree that he will appoint only Judges that favor abortion) and since he voted against the ban we know he supports partial-birth abortion which entails birthing the babys head then punching a hole in it and sucking out the brains. Yes Kerry voted FOR that.

What about the other choice in this election? In our opinion, George W is the ONLY choice if you want to salvage the heart, soul and survival of America.

The Write Wing Warrior Creed... We believe this election to be the most important in our history ... American lives depend on electing a president to aggressively wage war on terrorism without seeking UN approval ... We believe America is not defined by Hollywood or the media, but by hardworking patriots in the heartland ...

Write Wing Warriors are fighting for the heart and soul and survival of America ... We believe George W Bush is not only the best choice for president, but the ONLY CHOICE!

Freedom is not Free and Peace is not Pretty but loyalty and steadfastness and strength of character does deserve our vote.

We all must choose...

Do you want a caring compassionate President who embodies all the best qualities of the Cowboy teamed up with THE VP, who has no political ambitions of his own but has all the abilities and experience necessary if needed?

Or do you want the Metrosexual Male Gigolo and the Pretty Boy?

It's your CHOICE!

Choose well!

You have a right to your own opinions - You do not have a right to your own facts!