Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Good Quotes on America and Her Allies

"I will never submit America's national security to an international test. The use of troops to defend America must never be subject to a veto by countries like France. The President's job is not to take an international poll -- the President's job is to defend America." --President George W. Bush

"[John Kerry and John Edwards] won't count the sacrifice and the contribution of our Iraqi allies. It's their country. They're in the fight. They're increasingly the ones out there putting their necks on the line to take back their country from the terrorists and the old regime elements that are still left. They're doing a superb job. And for you to demean their sacrifice strikes me as beyond the pale. ... You that somehow they shouldn't count. Because you want to be able to say that the Americans are taking 90 percent of the sacrifice." --Vice President Dick Cheney

"John Kerry's whole foreign policy is cemented to the notion that allies are everything. And yet he spends precious time ridiculing America's allies as a 'coalition of the bribed' and letting his surrogates call the Iraqi prime minister a Bush puppet." --Jonah Goldberg

You have a right to your own opinions - You do not have a right to your own facts!