Wednesday, October 13, 2004


Churchill once observed, in his inimitable witty fashion, that a 20 year old who is not a Liberal has no heart and a 40 year old who has not emerged from the Liberal chrysalis has no brain. Unfortunately for the Republic there are many voters who have not yet emerged from the pupal stage. Oblivious of, at best, denying at worst, the reality of their arrested development, they pollute the waters of political discourse with petulant name-calling reminiscent of a school playground.

When asked why Bush is stupid, the unvarying answer... "He just is." Asked why he is a liar, the eternal refrain... "He just is." This is the intellectual analysis we get from our cultural and educational elites? Pointedly, they ignore the corollary that if Bush lied then so did Kerry, Edwards and virtually every other politician and country who came to the exact conclusions as Bush, after reviewing available intelligence reports.

Doggedly, they ignore Bush's college record that places him well above average and at the very least on a par with former presidents. They blindly ignore the fact that an "idiot" could not fly a fighter aircraft. Notwithstanding Kerry's remark during Debate 2 that the president had more intelligence. :)

Kerry's attack dog , the rabid Terry McAwful, a fitting companion/heir to the salivating Begala/Carville tag team, continues to obscure the political battlefield with a smokescreen of innuendo and distortions and outright lies.

Since being exposed by Drudge, ABC News Director, Mark Halperin has been disrobed of his emperor's clothes and stands naked before us as the liberal apologist that he has always been by ordering his underlings to ignore Kerry gaffes and lies while spotlighting Bushisms as evidence of his "stupidity," achievements as evidence of lies, policies as examples of ignorance and machismo.

Superficially "thoughtful" Liberals have become mindless ABBbots (AnybodyButBush bots,) refusing to seek even documented information, dismissing objective facts and ignoring solid truth-- while, in effect, slaying the messenger.

Erasmus begged his friend Luther to consider the possibility that in nailing his theses to the door, he would be destroying more than he was creating, perhaps hurling the Church into the fire from the comparative safety of the frying pan. History proved Erasmus right; the "Heroic" Luther was wrong.

Liberalism, far more self-righteous than the most ardent Hoeffer "true believer" thumping his well-worn Bible, admits no possibility of error in its misbegotten dogma... Refusing to look behind the curtain for fear of revealing the "All Powerful Oz."

Unlike the quaking Lion who finally found his courage... or the Tin Man who discovered his heart... The Liberal Scarecrow chose a brain that was sadly lacking the courage of truth or the true heart of compassion that relies on reality. As a result, Liberalism's evolution has been halted, frozen as an insect in amber... dangerously archaic and unrealistic in this Post 9/11 world.

You have a right to your own opinions - You do not have a right to your own facts!