Wednesday, October 20, 2004


PITTSBURGH, United States (AFP) - Senator John Kerry presidential campaign slammed Vice President Dick Cheney, a heart patient, over reports he had a flu shot, despite a shortage of the vaccine.

The campaign complained that Treasury Secretary John Snow and Senate Majority leader Bill Frist also had jabs, despite Bush's advice that the young and healthy did not need to get an injection.

"Once again, the Bush administration proves that it is the 'do as we say, not as we do' White House," the campaign said in a statement issued in Pittsburgh where Kerry was campaigning.
"The very week that (health) secretary (Tommy) Thompson is telling Americans to keep calm, Dick Cheney, John Snow and Bill Frist are getting flu shots."

"It is unfortunate that the Bush administration failed to do the work necessary to ensure that all Americans, including those most at risk, had been able to get shots as well."

Cheney would fit into the government's definition of those most vulnerable to a looming influenza epidemic as he has a long history of heart disease.
Have you NO shame Mr. Kerry??? Dick Cheney is the Vice President of the United States of America... he is YOUR Vice President as well as he is mine and you would heap condemnation upon his head for getting a flu shot when you well know that he has a heart condition AND is coming in contact with the public frequently??? HAVE you NO SHAME??? Why don't you go ahead and put a contract out on his life?

Secretary of Treasury Snow is 65... how DARE you make political hay out of him getting a flu shot? But then, what can we expect from a man who would use a daughter in a pathetic political ploy to try to hurt her father. Not hard to figure you are a man with no conscience and no shame. May God have mercy on your soul, because I could never wish hell on anyone.
Kerry had opposed legislation last year that would have immunized vaccine makers from punitive damages in lawsuits involving FDA-approved products. Most Democrats objected to the bill, which never came to a Senate vote, because it would cap non-economic damages at $250,000 in all liability cases. Kerry spokesman Chad Clanton said the senator supported a vaccine compensation law for injured patients that passed in the 1990s, adding: "The American people want flu shots, not more excuses why George W. Bush dropped the ball." The Bush camp, however, says spending on flu preparedness has grown from $39 million to $283 million during the president's term.

Perhaps Mr. Kerry should ask Hillary Clinton WHY we have shortages in vaccine rather than trying to make political hay out of President Bush... since one of the few health care reforms she managed to inflict on the nation during her co-presidency has now backfired by driving most of America's flu vaccine producers out of business.

As reported by the Wall Street Journal this week, "The reason for today's shortage - as well as seven previous preventive vaccine shortages since 2000 - is that there are just five vaccine makers.

"This lack of suppliers is partly thanks to Hillary Clinton, who as first lady turned government into the majority buyer of vaccines and pushed prices so low as to make business unsustainable."

The Journal noted that the problem goes back to 1993, when Mrs. Clinton's "Vaccines for Children Program" was first implemented. Hillary's vaccine crusade was being pushed by her Children's Defense Fund mentor Marian Wright Edelman - even though U.S. child vaccination rates at the time were considered relatively high by medical experts.

But that didn't stop Sen. Clinton and her "reformers." She pressured Congress to back the disastrous plan in a bid to make vaccines more available to poor, uninsured and underinsured children. In the process she turned the government into the major purchaser and distributor of vaccines.

Do we EVEN need to talk about how the trial lawyers have affected the vaccine situation?

Even though Congress set up a program to protect vaccine makers from the tort lawyers who nearly bankrupted them in the 1980s, the legal profession has already found loopholes. This is just another reason for companies to invest their scarce human and capital resources in something other than vaccines.

You have a right to your own opinions - You do not have a right to your own facts!