Monday, October 18, 2004


An Ad Produced and Published by NRA Posted by Hello

The NRA has officially endorsed President Bush despite the President not taking a firm stand against the silly 'looks scary' weapons ban.

Their support includes not only an endorsement but plans to outlay some $20 million in targeted states in advertising on TV, radio, magazines, newspaper, phone banks, billboards, door-to-door campaigns, rallies plus direct mail to their 4 million members.

“These states that are targeted states have large numbers of hunters, large numbers of gun owners, and we will be working to reach out to all of them through a variety of different ways to make sure they know the truth about John Kerry.” Cox says the ads will be less pro-Bush…and more anti-Kerry...who they call “the Cape Cod Fraud.”

“Kerry says he is a hunter but he has voted to ban deer hunting ammunition. Unlike President Bush, he has voted to close off hundreds of thousands of areas to hunters. He voted to commend Rosie O’Donnell shortly after she said that gun owners should be put in jail.”

This effort is in addition to the ads the organization has already been producing such as the "That Dog Won't Hunt" pictured above.

A couple of articles on the endorsement:

Business North and USA Today.

George Will has written a commentary about the clout the NRA has with voters in this country. He relates how Bill Clinton claims that advocating gun control cost the Democrats 20 of the 52 seats in the House they lost in 1994 and played a big part in defeating Al Gore.

Watch out liberals... The BIG DOGS are starting to howl!

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