Tuesday, October 26, 2004


The New York Times taking the stand, "That's my story and I'm sticking to it," disregarding that the evidence has been discredited. Kerry and campaign are following their lead as usual (more proof that Kerry gets his daily talking points from the NY Times, which leads me down the bunny trail of why the lefties would want a president that bases his analyses and decisions on the MSM.)

That this was intended as the October Surprise is becoming evident as the story unfolds in that CBS had originally planned to release the story on election eve. The reason given for not doing so was "it wouldn't hold up." They did not clarify why it wouldn't hold up. My thinking is that they couldn't sit on this story because they needed to deflect the attention from the Washington Times story about Kerry's lying concerning his meeting with the UN Security Council. That leads me to think that Kerry's lies about meeting with the UN were more threatening and damaging than the Ho-Humming Bloggers had realized.

There is further information slowly seeping out that (as with the forged documents) Kerry may have had prior knowledge of the story. First, is the audio clip from one of the debates played on Rush's show today that had Kerry listing "missing explosives" as part of his claims that the war had been bungled. Second, is how quickly the Kerry campaign had an ad ready exploiting the story of missing explosives. I will be updating this throughout the afternoon and evening and adding links to all the extensive and excellent information being posted by Pajama Patriots.


KERRY SPOT has had some posts from military servicemen (whose identity they confirm) concerning the 'missing explosives.'

A Kerry Spot reader with a ".mil" e-mail address:

"You are correct in your bottom line conclusion. Here is a second follow up. I was serving as a [identifying information removed by the Kerry Spot] staff member during the time in question. The Commander on the site had complete real time intelligence on what to expect and possibly find at the Al-QaQaa depot. The ordinance in question was not found when teams were sent in to inspect and secure the area. When this information was relayed, Operational plans were adjusted and the unit moved forward. Had the ordinance in question been discovered, a security team would have been left in place."

Another with a ".mil" e-mail address, stating he was among the soldiers who secured Al QaQaa on April 10th with the 101st:

"I can tell you what happened at my squad level. When we arrived there, humvees with Mark-19's and other mounted weapons immediately secured the parameter with appropriate manpower backup. On the foot level we broke up into squads and went building to building and cleared them; mind you, we couldn't do them all. But we found what had been typical finds, caches of AK-47's, artillery rounds and bullets. There was absolutely no talk of a big find, and what I could sense no worries of anything that should have been there. Of course, we were still worried about the possibilities of chemical weapons but they never panned out.
I am a little perturbed at the gross mischaracterization of what went on there. From what I remember of the NBC crew, they did not go out with us, and they may have in fact been asked to not to go on the search with us, due to the dangers that may have possibily come up. Now this part is my opinion, but don't you think that if they had gone out with us they would have video?"

Two more posts with e-mails from a ".mil" address writes to Kerry Spot:

"I was there at Al QaQaa on April 10th with the 101st, I can rest assure you that [NBC producer interviewed on MSNBC earlier today] Lai Ling Jew is lying about it, she seems to be expressing a convenient contrary opinion of the time. The very first thing we do when we move into an area is clear it of any enemy combatants, including going inside warehouses full of ordinance, which we did immediately when we reached there."

"Operational plans in modern warfare are continually rolling and are available to combat commanders in a real time network environment. The original pre-invasion Operation Plans listed the Al-QaQaa weapons depot as a priority security site. After the 101st Airborne Division inspected the site, the security priority was downgraded and the Operational Plan was modified."

HUGH HEWITT thinks that Kerry's rush to capitalize on the "already collapsed story of the missing RMX" indicates that the Kerry camp has nothing else. As Hugh expresses, there are desperate attempts being made to resuscitate this story. But the story has no legs, no teeth and is quickly running out of hot air. What it is accomplishing, as I said earlier, is the diverting of attention from Kerry's lies about meeting with the UN Security Council.

A HUGH HEWITT Bottom Line: "UN bigs are trying to help John Kerry into the White House, and MSM is helping them help Kerry. That's not going to play well anywhere."

CAPTAIN'S QUARTERS has a good analysis on the logistics of removing the missing explosives: Insurgents Hauling 380 Tons Of Explosives Not Exactly A Covert Act.


How is it that there were no WMDs or any reason to worry about Saddam and now suddenly Kerry is freaking out because these MASSIVE amounts of explosives are in the hands of terrorists and yet Mr. Kerry has been advocating throughout this campaign to leave all those terrible explosives in the hands of Saddam to sell or give to any terrorist he pleased? The Shady Lady, not caring that she has been exposed as a whore, is screeching about the president being too concerned with weapons that didn't exist instead of those that did.

Question: Why are you perfectly willing to believe that 380 tons of explosives could be spirited away, but not hidden caches of WMDs, that everyone, including the UN inspectors believed existed?

HUGH HEWITT interviews Former NYC Police Commission Bernard Kerik who spent four months in Iraq after the fall of Baghdad: John Kerry trusts the UN bureaucrats at the IAEA more than the 101st Airborne's Screaming Eagles.

ROGER L SIMON discusses the scary implications if the suspicions that a high UN official was actually the source of information the media used in it's attempted hit job on the president.

THE TRUTH LAID BEAR has an update that explores the question: If the explosives were looted, why haven't they been used?

MICHELLE MALKIN'S BOTTOM LINE: Bottom line: Yet another anti-Bush bomb has exploded and the shrapnel is firmly embedded in the foreheads of the CBS producers and New York Times editors who have recklessly lobbed their weapons of journalistic destruction on John Kerry's behalf.

You have a right to your own opinions - You do not have a right to your own facts!