Thursday, October 21, 2004



No, not in Iraq or Afghanistan... but in Virginia, California and Michigan...


"Coming soon to an elementary school near you: mandatory indoctrination in Islamic customs and practices. According to The Kansas City Star, third-, fourth- and fifth-graders in Herndon, Virginia, are to be given lessons in the three Rs: Reading, ‘Riting, and Ramadan. During this instruction, public school children will play act being Muslims, and, perhaps unwittingly, convert to Islam.

Pupils from a nearby Muslim school will visit classes in the town’s public schools to educate their counterparts in Islam. They will be accompanied by something called “a multicultural trainer” named Afeefa Syeed.

In Herndon, during this month of Ramadan (which began Friday), there will be explanations of the fasting month and “role-playing” that requires students to recite Muslim sacred words and imitate their prayer practices. However, whether the speaker understands what he is saying or not, one is considered to have converted to Islam if he confesses a belief in Allah – and this conversion is considered irrevocable. The penalty for apostasy (and much else, from adultery, to homosexuality, to having pre-marital sexual activity with anyone aside from the intended partner of arranged marriages, often made between first cousins) is death, whether imposed by the government or through private “honor killings.”

Multicultural trainer Syeed explains, “For teachers and administrators, as well as fellow students, explaining Ramadan helps the school accommodate the religious requirements of the holiday.” Why American children should be strong-armed into imposing “the religious requirements of the holiday” for proselytizing Muslims isn’t addressed. Neither do authorities explain why Islamic prayers have suddenly become part of the curriculum for children attending American public (e.g., non-sectarian) schools, while discussions of Christianity are ruled off limits. ...

...The Herndon school district is not an isolated pocket of Islamic indoctrination. The Assist News Service reports that 7th graders in Byron, California, were given special assignments in Islam that included faith-related role-playing. (Try to make it a two-way street by having Muslim kids role-playing Christian Crusaders, and the ACLU would have you drawn and quartered.)

Billed as a “Social Studies” class, it required seventh graders to memorize verses of the Koran and to pray, “In the name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful,” and to chant, “Praise to Allah, Lord of Creation.”

According to Rev. Miles of the Religious News Service, students will be required to memorize 25 Islamic terms and six Islamic phrases. They will also learn 20 Islamic proverbs, the Five Pillars of Islam and to be familiar with 10 key Islamic prophets and disciples. Students were presented with true/false questions that required them to affirm tenets of the Islamic faith as objective fact. The handouts used in the course, according to ANS, are reported to include a history of Islam and the life of its founder, Mohammed (doubtlessly bowdlerized for shockable young minds). But last year, although a federal judge ruled that the Byron Union School District could continue its three-week curriculum that required 7th graders recite Muslim prayers, the school abandoned the project because it created an outcry. ...

As Front Page Magazine Managing Editor Ben Johnson documents in his just published book 57 Radical Causes: Teresa Heinz Kerry’s Charitable Giving, Teresa Heinz Kerry has funded a similar curriculum – complete with confessions of belief in Islam – for use in the Pittsburgh public schools.

The camel is making progress in its effort to get inside the tent and take over. It got its nose under the edge when, a few months ago, the close-knit Polish Catholic town of Hamtramck, in Michigan, was forced by their dhimmi town council to endure Muslim calls to prayer in Arabic broadcast over loudspeakers six times a day. The Muslims said their calls to worship their god in an alien language were roughly equivalent to Christian church bells. A few months later, a hospital in Maine kowtowed to demands of Somali refugees that hospital gowns be modified to bring them in line with standards of modesty decreed by Islam. New johnnies were designed on the double, not only with an extra flap but also an interior sarong. ...

The dhimmis rewriting American history, tradition, and public school curricula are known to us. What is more interesting is, who is powering this agenda with financing? Certainly, where there are megabucks being handed around with lavish abandon, the Saudi Royal Family can’t be far away. The Council on Islamic Education, which contributes to “Washington File,” includes members of the Wahhabi lobby...

Certainly, there is nothing wrong with a study of comparative religions, but many parents believe it is inappropriate for children in third – or even seventh – grade to have the certainties of their religion degraded into just one “belief system” among many; this denigrates their parents’ home religious instruction. Comparative religion is a subject for those who have developed a sophisticated ability to think outside themselves, usually around 17 or 18. And it is of interest mainly to those of a philosophical turn of mind. It is not for everyone and it should not be imposed. And certainly, children of any age should not be forced to choose a Muslim name over the Christian (or Jewish!) name their parents gave them. This is an invasion of the child’s identity. For the public schools to unwittingly convert children to any religion is rightly forbidden by the U.S. Constitution. ...

And assaulting children with false history to enhance the self-esteem of a minority population is a betrayal of children, of learning, and of the historic mission of Western education.

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