Wednesday, October 20, 2004


It is the latest in Reality TV... it is SCARE TACTICS! More chills and thrills than any horror movie or amusement park barf ride... it is the... DNC Fighting For Election...

Are you a Senior... this show will turn the rest of your hair white as snow... Watch as President Bush plots to snatch your Social Security check. Bush's sound idea of setting aside a small portion of your payroll tax as a personal nest egg for your retirement will be twisted and transformed by the fearmongers into the dread word "privatization."

Thrill as many older Americans, safely covered by Social Security now, needlessly worry about having their hair turn white as snow or brrrr... being thrust out into the snow having to dig through dumpsters for CAT FOOD!

But stay tuned!!! We have a great episode for the younger crowd... Bush has a January Bomb! As soon as you foolishly elect W... he is going to launch a draft by Executive fiat!!! RIGHT ON, MAN! You better gas up the flower power love machines and head on up to Canada just in time for the unveiling of the War Protesters monument... as long as you get a steady influx of cash from mom and dad... YOU might get a monument dedicated to you too!

Never mind that it won't happen, because the military knows that a volunteer army works best; the scare tactic is sure to whip up the old fears in the young voters and besides... Canada won't care as long as you bring plenty of cash.

Gotta cough? Been feeling a bit under the weather? You probably have the flu because Dick Cheney (heart problems be damned) didn't give up his vaccination for you. It's ALL Bush's fault for not giving you government health care...

Never mind that much of the shortage was caused by Hillary Clinton running most of the US drug companies out of the vaccination business and never mind that litigation lawyers like Edwards caused many companies to quit producing vaccine because of the punitive lawsuits or that the company in Britain we went to had contaminated vaccines that mean ole Bush wouldn't allow to be shipped to the US or that people who have never had a flu shot in their life are now screaming to high heaven because they can't get one.

Another episode of our new Reality TV, Scare Tactics will cover the current administration's plot in trying to keep the lame from walking and the seniors from thinking... Kerry has been gloomily denouncing Bush's "ban" on such embryonic research even though there isn't a federal prohibition - indeed, some federal funding has begun, and Harvard is likely to compete with the State of California and others to develop new cell lines. Meanwhile, John Edwards outrageously used Reeve's death to offer false hope that paralyzed people like him would "get up out of that wheelchair and walk again." BUT... it is still SCARY!!!

I am sure you are on the edge of your seats just waiting for all the new episodes involving nukes and being dissed by the world and GASP illegalizing the murder of unborn children and OMG... what does the evil ones have in store for us next??????

My apologies and thanks to William Safire...

You have a right to your own opinions - You do not have a right to your own facts!