Tuesday, October 19, 2004


President Bush embodies the best qualities of the true Texas gentlemen I have trusted and admired all these many years. He is tough and tenacious, caring and compassionate, and full of spit and vinegar. He is daring and bold… willing to take chances and be innovative in solving problems… in spite of the political pitfalls that abound when one proposes to change the status quo.

George W says what he means and means what he says… then does what he says he will do to the best of his ability. He has an unshakeable inner strength that can only exist in a man who is true to himself. This enables him to stand fast on his convictions… no matter which way the wind blows or how tough the opposition or how hard the struggle. George W loves. He loves and respects his wife and daughters, parents and siblings. He loves and respects America and her people. That love and respect shows in everything he says and does.

Kerry is the polar opposite. During the campaign, he has been the shifting sand and a will o’ the wisp, sadly drifting to and fro wherever the wind may blow. Determining his convictions is like trying to nail Jell-O to a tree. His flip-flops are legendary. His lifetime record, however, is much more consistent. Consistently Liberal… Consistently Anti-Defense… Consistently Anti-American. He loves and respects only himself and it shows in everything he says and does.
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