Friday, October 22, 2004


Kerry Tries to 'Goose Up the Vote' with a photo op in eastern Ohio that even came complete with a yellow dog (a yellow lab named Woody.) There has been plenty of speculation and commentary about Kerry's Great White Hunter stunt. Dick Cheney called it Kerry's "October Disguise" and wondered about him stopping at a mom and pop store to pick up a camo jacket and hunting license ("Can I get me a huntin' license here?")

Hugh Hewitt nailed Kerry on the Goose photo op by declaring ...
"We are asking Americans to think about that because how do you ask a goose to be the last goose to die ... How do you ask a goose to be the last goose to die for a mistake?"

Freeper posted: "I actually did shoot that goose, before I gave it to that SOB secret service agent to carry, because I'm too lazy and tired and giddy from watching the Red Sox beat the Yankees last night. Did you know that Mary Cheney is a lesbian? I was in Vietnam you know." Another one added: "I was an altar boy and I have a plan. I also won three purple hearts."

The Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms had already given Kerry a "Goose Egg" back in Sept. "Kerry's not fooling us. His 100 percent ratings from the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence (formerly Handgun Control Inc.), the anti-gun American Bar Association's Special Committee on Gun Violence, and the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence (known at one time as the National Coalition to Ban Handguns) just add up to a big goose egg from CCRKBA."

Just who he was trying to impress? Was it a response to the NRA officially endorsing Bush? The NRA shot back (I'm just so punny today) with a full page ad in the Youngstown, Ohio Vindicator. The ad featured a large picture of Kerry with his finger on a shotgun trigger while looking in another direction. It said "If John Kerry thinks the Second Amendment is about photo ops, he's daffy." The ad ends with "If John Kerry wins, hunters lose." The last time Kerry went hunting was October, 2003 when he was trailing in the Democratic primary.

Kerry is attempting to defuse his liberal image with the hunting, watching baseball and talking about his faith and how he took his rosary into battle (he was in Vietnam, you know.) Kerry adviser Mike McCurry said it's important in the final days of the campaign that voters "get a better sense of John Kerry, the guy. The fact that Senator Kerry is a person of faith is something that might help voters who are undecided." I guess he is going for the gullible vote.

He's been talking a lot about the Red Sox. Which isn't such a good thing since on a couple of different occasions he said his favorite players were a guy who never played for the Red Sox and then someone that didn't even exist. (You can get the low-down on his sports gaffes at: Football Fans for Truth.) I wonder how many die-hard Yankee fans are going to vote for Bush just because they can't stand him gushing about the Sox? Wanna bet whether he flip-flops on rooting for them?

Articles about the 'Hunt for Red October.'

Could this become DUCKGATE? A poster at Duck Hunters Refuge says it is against the law to not maintain field possession of your game.

I think I figured out what all the 'goose-stepping' was all about. It wasn't directed at the hunters... it was suppose to impress the Security Moms. He wanted them to see him with a gun (minus the kill in his hand cause that would be too yucky) and then the next day... the he went with the I'm De Man who can take care of you and your children speech:

Kerry: I Would Have Killed Bin Laden

RENO, Nev. — Democratic Sen. John Kerry said Friday that Usama bin Laden would be in captivity or dead if Kerry had been president during the war against Afghanistan.

Kerry accused President Bush of allowing bin Laden to escape by relying on Afghan warlords to try to hunt the Al Qaeda chief down in the caves of Tora Bora in December 2001.

"Can you imagine trusting them when you have your 10th Mountain Division, the United States Marine Corps, when you had all the power and ability of the best-trained military in the world?" Kerry told a rally at the University of Nevada-Reno. "I would have used our military and we would have gone after and captured or killed Usama bin Laden. That's tough."

"You want to talk about the War on Terror, Mr. President? Let's talk about it," Kerry yelled while his supporters cheered him on. "Let's talk about what happened when you let Usama bin Laden escape in Afghanistan."

You have a right to your own opinions - You do not have a right to your own facts!