Monday, November 08, 2004


As my few... oh so few... regulars will know, I have taken an extended vacation from posting. AND even though I have a freelance job crop up, I am building a MAJOR rant that I will be posting to the myriad of analyses of why Bush won and why all the Demwits are going ape-sht.

Up to and including the comments off Hanity & Combs from the has-been Geraldine F. who spouted off her opinion that if the Blue States seceded from the Union the Red States would be sunk because the ONLY smart people live in the BLUE... oh yeah? OK, Mustn't gloat, mustn't gloat. This is not any different than what other Liberals are sprouting off... I have much to say about that... just stay tuned.

You have a right to your own opinions - You do not have a right to your own facts!