Monday, November 01, 2004


Perhaps on Election Eve I am being more judgmental than I should... but here I sit an unread blogger that no one knows suffering from ESS (Election Stress syndrome) with perhaps 'nuances' that others don't have in that I truly believe that electing Kerry will have prophetic consequences... and perhaps I put way too much of my enthusiasm into the blogsphere... at least I think so as I read a NYTimes (the Shady Lady DNC whore) asking bloggers view on the contest between Bush and Kerry... I would not have expected the same view that I have... but I did expect a substance vs style analysis from the bloggers. I was greatly disappointed.

GREG DJEREJIAN, He used one example but did focus on an example that represented a core character issue.

ANA MARIE COX, Focused on BS issues but what would you expect from a wonkette. Betcha a bundle she's blonde either naturally or from a bottle.

MICKEY KAUS, He votes against the president because George W did not nail Kerry in the first debate about his ignoramus claim of only supporting huge alliances when he didn't support one of the greatest alliances put together by Daddy Bush? Does he NOT realize how much more is at stake here then how someone performs in a debate???

LORIE BYRD, Again... as much as I respect and repeatedly return to polipundit for information and energy for the fight... this election is more than style and how one appears or presents oneself or a convention... the issues we are fighting for is so important that I am amazed that even those I thought understand still point to style rather than substance... read that to mean gut reality.

JOANNE JACOBS, I am sorry that I have not been to visit Joanne before now, she seems to get it... they want to kill us... pretty words and pictures... good photo ops or conventions don't really amount to more than... well BS.

ANN ALTHOUSE, I think Ann Althouse is one that finally got it... even if she isn't quite sure of what she has got.

J. BRADFORD DELONG, I am looking forward to getting to know J. Bradford Delong better, I cannot quite understand what he thinks from his paragraph here.

KEVIN DRUM, Another one who seems to value style and who looks best on camera over substance and core, gut level, reality... he is another one that will have to learn the hard way... and unfortunately probably force my grandchildren into facing the same devastating horrors when the terrorists destroy the very fabric of this country because too many of us preferred the pretty lies to hard reality.

DAVID ADESNIK, It appears his biggest problem is that he chooses to believe the Mainstream Media instead of thinking for himself.

JOHN HINDERAKER and SCOTT JOHNSON, I respect these two as much or more than I do any in the blogsphere... and I agree that it is of utmost importance that we understand the position the MSM has taken and the challenge bloggers must accept to either take the MSM down or force them to revert to the true and pure ethics of journalism. However important the showdown with MSM and the drawing of the line in the sand... it is even more important to bring the electorate back to demanding a honest, upright representative of this country that will fight for the core values that will preserve our union. Instead, of the fake shallow shell the MSM thrusts upon us... as I write I realize that I must bow to the wisdom Powerline has presented... my kudos and respect, sirs, for seeing to the core issue.

GLENN REYNOLDS, Having just seen a new revelation, as you can see above... I will also give a nod to Glenn and instapundit... with only a reminder that in addition to the fight against allowing main stream media to dictate our values and candidates is the fight agaisnt their liberal partners that want to disparage anyone that has backbone and character and honesty as a core part of their being.

TOM BURKA, Another of many that misunderestimate the enormity of 9/11 and how much had to take a backseat while a vicious enemy had to be conquered before other important projects... such as space could be stepped up... space exploration doesn't really mean much if Space Center Houston has been vaporized with a suitcase nuke, does it?

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