Thursday, November 04, 2004


The Democrats just don't "get it." Already, the dems so-called soul-searching involves more bashing of Kerry as a candidate than realizing that conservative Republicans are NOT the dummies they think they are.

From the WSJ: "Even before he knew the result, NYT columnist Nick Kristof was lamenting today that these voters had been gulled into voting "utterly against their own interests." If that's what Democrats keep telling themselves, they doom their party."

I think the defining moment in this campaign is one that was overlooked by the media and most liberal democrats and forgotten by many conservatives. That moment was when Kerry called Whoopi and the Hollywood elite the "heart and soul of America."

NOTE: I may get around to doing a long, thoughtful reflection to the campaign and election, but for now, I will post some random, but oh so insightfull, thoughts as they come to me.

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