Wednesday, November 03, 2004


The Democrats have not had an election loss this huge since the last time they tried to thrust an ultra-liberal, candidate from Massachusetts upon this country, but they would rather make excuses, blame the Republicans and spout conspiracy claims than figure out why the country didn't want their lying liberal.

I think the Republicans have probably learned their lesson about not giving the fringe extremists power or a loud voice in the party. But then lessons rarely stay learned after new people move in to replace the battle-weary warriors. Therefore, we must be ever vigilant and never forget that more conservative changes and policies will be enacted when we are willing to work from a centrist position.

But the Democrats just don't get it. They should try actually choosing a strong centrist candidate, instead of one that just lies about it. Even when the MSM goes all in the efforts on behalf of the Democrat candidate, hoisting a lying liberal on this nation will seldom fly in the 'fly-over country' ... Especially when the lying liberal the Dems choose to represent them is one that flip-flops and lies so blatantly and transparently.

If they can't bring themselves to support a true centrist, then they should at least choose a liberal who is honest about it and proudly tries to convince the country that liberal is the way to go. But, judging by many of the comments being bandied about, they will probably continue slurping down the kool-aid and get a whole new set of tin-foil beanies.

I took the "Day After Election" off from blogging but will start sharing my post-election thoughts, same as everyone else, later Thursday evening.

You have a right to your own opinions - You do not have a right to your own facts!