Tuesday, November 02, 2004


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D-DAY is here. DECISION DAY, the final day we have to show Iraq, the terrorists and the world whether we are going to stand firm or if we are going to cut-and-run. Make no mistake about it, that is exactly what Kerry will do. He has already used the phrase "getting our troops out of Iraq with honor." The last time he used those words Kerry was talking about Vietnam when he helped manipulate the public debate to such a degree that we did cut-and-run, allowing the wholesale slaughter of millions of South Vietnamese and Cambodians, many of them brave soldiers who had fought side-by-side with us and who were deserted after being promised refuge and safety.

So... Who are we going to choose? ... A man who has freed two countries from vicious, totalitarian regimes, centralized the war on terrorism half a world away from our own cities while working to put our economy back on the right track after suffering multiple economy busters like the Clinton era, 9/11 and the corporate clean-up? ... Will you choose a man of vision, whose strategies backed off the terrorists and caused Libya and Pakistan to stop their arms proliferation, and then, even with a war to prosecute, still initiated revolutionary and real changes in fundamental areas such as education, social security and Medicare? ... A man who has a visonary way of looking at problems and creating new solutions such as the ownership society, faith-based initiatives, using technology to clean the environment without trashing the economy and worker cards for illegal aliens? I've discovered that his thinking about the age-old illegal alien problem makes much more sense than I originally thought.

Are you willing to stick with a man who has the character, backbone and integrity to stick to his guns and stand up for what he believes is right, even in the midst of disgruntled supporters, global unpopularity and the hatred from the maniacal liberals?

OK, now, for the other choice... Kerry, the MAN with a PLAN. Everytime I hear Kerry talking about his so-called plans I expect him to break out in song... "Anything you can do, I can do better... I can do anything better than you..." He has taken every possible position, non-position or nuanced position on every issue at one time or the other. If you look closely, Kerry's plans amount to nothing more than, 'whatever Bush is doing I will do better' ... somehow, someway, someday. All his domestic plans pretty much consist of keeping things the way they are and hoping that nothing too obvious goes wrong before the next guy gets in office. The two exceptions are health care, which he will turn over to the Ketchup Queen so she can play with her favorite new-age toy "The Department of Wellness," and Foreign Policy.

And his foreign policy? Well... in a nutshell, his plan is to turn our sovereign interests over to his adored UN. You do recall that he said his very first act as president would be to call a meeting of the General Assembly of the UN? Presumably, so he can take his first global test and then kiss their butts, publicly and in person... then watch the kowtowing began in earnest, at least towards those who are NOT the "trumped-up, so-called coalition of the bribed, the coerced, the bought, and the extorted," or in other words, our REAL friends and allies.

As far as Kerry's record... just consider that he and his handlers CHOSE to run on his spurious medals and shaky 4 month record in Vietnam (including his probable dishonorable discharge which is being covered up with his refusal to release his military records.) You never or rarely hear anything from him or his campaign about his 20+ years in the senate, or as the state prosecutor or Lt. Gov. of MA. Need any more be said?

We will soon discover just how pervasive that dreaded disease, American Amnesia, has been over these last three years. How many voters have already forgotten how they felt that day on 9/11 and in the aftermath. Will they remember how they felt about the president and the man who withstood the greatest crisis of our century and emerged not only as great leader strengthened and tested by a purifying fire but he became a great man who carried an even greater burden of sorrow and responsibility for a nation's terrible pain and urgent need for security.

How can we, as a people of good conscience, allow some self-serving, pontificating politician (that has consistently sided with our enemies and detractors throughout his entire adult life) try to turn one of our greatest military victories into a "blunder, a botched operation" in which Bush let Osama bin Laden get away because the president had "outsourced'' his capture to "warlords'' in the battle of Tora Bora. Outsourcing by any other name is called an alliance (at least when Kerry is talking about himself.)

Nor is he satisfied with just trying to tarnish the president and call him a liar and incompetent, he is doing the same to General Tommy Franks, our military officers, special ops forces and now he is degrading and demeaning the 101st Airborne and 3rd Infantry Divison while trying to damage the President over the missing explosives. DeJa MOO... I think I've heard this BS before!

Let me once again remind any of ye, of short memory, about how the president put together a military operation in Afghanistan that accomplished what many said was impossible! It was less than two weeks before the detractors started screaming, "It's a Quagmire... Another Vietnam!" How I would love to shove that crow dinner down their throats! Ah, yes, within two months the CIC and his men had routed and put under control this country that had driven both the British and the Soviet empires into retreat. He also forced Pakistan into an alliance, gained cooperation from the neighbors to the north, and authorized a radical war plan that with just a handful of Americans on the ground, high technology and local militias the mighty Taliban was utterly routed! ... Bringing about an end to 25 years of civil war and held the first democratic election in a country that has no history of democracy. The naysayers, VietnamQuagmire-Squealers were wrong about Afghanistan and they are wrong about Iraq.

But let me jog your memory just a bit more... Remember the lesson we learned (or hopefully learned) with Clinton? The lesson that character really does matter after all? Besides being the Flipper King of DC, Kerry has lied bald-faced and repeatedly and even lies about lying. He was NOT in Cambodia (no matter how seared in his memory it was. He NEVER met with the UN Security Council in anything even closely resembling what he claimed. All the rest of his lies, not to mention his distortions and exaggerations, would take up more bandwidth than I am allowed.

So who will you choose? A man who has ushered in some of the most visonary and positive changes this country and world has ever see. ... An MVP (Most Valuable President) who has thrown the game winning pass in the play-offs and ready to lead us to victory in the Super Bowl?

Or, will you choose the Monday Morning Quarterback who only thinks he can do things better AFTER they have already been done? ... as he has proven by accomplishing nothing noteworthy in his career as senator. Are you going to chose a team captain whose only claim to fame is running the wrong way down the field and scoring a touchdown for the communist team?

You have a right to your own opinions - You do not have a right to your own facts!