Monday, November 08, 2004


"Media missed the passion that burned for Bush"

You got this much right, but do you have any clue why?

"If pop culture is a reflection of a nation's values, then the signs of a Bush victory were there a long time ago for anyone to see."

Pop culture had NOTHING to do with it.

"There've been two runaway box-office surprises this year: Michael Moore's "Fahrenheit 9/11" and Mel Gibson's "The Passion of the Christ."

One was a production of half-truths, twisted-truths, perversions of the truth and outright lies put together solely for the purpose of getting a president out of office... the other wasn't.

"The point probably wasn't lost on President Bush and his staff."

President Bush's faith and beliefs did not began as, nor was it used as, a campaign strategy and people of faith, for the most part, can tell the difference. People believed President Bush was sincere, because he was. People thought Kerry was not, because he wasn't. Take note, that President Bush himself, unlike Kerry, never criticized nor questioned Kerry's faith, or more accurately, (in my humble opinion) Kerry's posturing.

"Religious Right ... influential evangelical Christians ... Wal-Mart Republicans ... By any name, they ultimately turned the outcome of the election."

Did you forget fundamental, right-wing-wackos? How about the vast-right-wing-conspiracy?

Once upon a time, the journalists, talking heads and pundits called them the salt of the earth, pillars of the community, and the heart and soul of America...

"The Bush political team intuitively understood the tone of the U.S. voters much better than the media did."

Wrong again, Word Slinger... You got close, but only semantically, not knowledgeably. President Bush, understood US voters because he thinks and believes the way most US voters think and believe.

"To be honest, I still don't quite understand how certified media junkies like me could have been so wrong."

You answer your own dilemma here...

"I read the New York Times (NYT) and the New Yorker religiously. I watch CNN (TWX) and the networks' evening news programs as well as the gabfests on Sunday mornings, too."

There you go! In the "ignorant red state" circles we call it preaching to the choir... and you just happen to be a member of this particular choir.

"...the heartland tuned out the noise."

Maybe you do get it, at least to a small degree. ... But, then again... maybe not.

"Team Bush figured out where the votes would be coming from and it played to the audience, relentlessly."

Once again... President Bush, understood US voters because he thinks and believes the way most US voters think and believe.

"The lesson that the media should take away from the 2004 election is this: It's just as important to know all about who is voting for president as it is to know about who is running for president."

Perhaps, the lesson that the media should take away from the 2004 election is this: Red State Voters are not nearly as ignorant or stupid as the media think they are. And, the huge majority of them, are not mean-spirited cold-hearted, racist, homophobic or oppressive.

"Some people observed that many television news anchors and reporters actually seemed to be depressed by Bush's victory. It's fashionable for (my fellow) liberals to gnash their teeth and act as if the Bush win was some sort of horrendous freak of nature, like an earthquake or a hurricane."

Hey, we all know that the media did their best to defeat George W! You instructed all your staffers to NOT hold the President and Kerry to equal standards.You omitted stories that were favorable to the president, pushed unfavorable stories tirelessly, printed rumors from every single 'insider' known to man not to mention the infamous "some say."

Chin UP! Everyone knows the outstanding efforts put forth by the media to avoid pursuing any leads that might have had the slightest possibility of resulting in a news story that could be detrimental to Kerry.

And, when push came to shove ... you even planted phony or distorted stories to try to discredit President Bush. Nobody in this country can possibly blame the media for not doing it's gosh darned best to defeat this president!

And, trust me, we ignorant, red-state bumpkins are all going to remember the media's intense efforts come next election. Yesiree Bob and Dan and Pete and Tom and Dick and Harry and Jon ...

You have a right to your own opinions - You do not have a right to your own facts!