Monday, November 01, 2004


USA Today is basically presenting dismal numbers for Bush and predicting a Kerry win...
"The findings suggest that Osama bin Laden's warning to Americans in a video broadcast Friday failed to provide the boost for Bush that some analysts predicted. That development and the disclosure last week that 377 tons of high explosives were missing from an Iraqi site U.S. troops failed to secure seemed to have damaged his standing."
Among my more dramatically dire declarations (as to what a Kerry win would mean to this country) one would certainly have to be a pronounced judgment upon the lack of character and intelligence of our voting public that inexpicably seems to prefer liars and cheats that have no character or backbone. Not an over-the-top assumption considering that they elected Clinton even knowing and admitting he was a bald-faced liar and now Kerry? In my estimation, even if Bush wins, it should never have been close.

The reasons given by USA Today that the numbers are trending toward Kerry are both based on blatant lies! 1. The Tora Bora Baloney and 2. The NON-missing explosives.

But the number 3 and main reason that Kerry is even in the race much less maybe winning is that the media has gone all out to support his election, by hook or crook. How powerful the MSM will feel, if yet again they manage to get their anointed candidate elected despite the overwhelming character deficiencies that should have rendered a Clinton or Kerry unelectable.

They will certainly be thumbing their nose at the Pajamahadeen ... and you can bet on it. Unless, of course Bush does get re-elected in which we will hear endless whining about how the blogsphere and ultrarich Bush Machine Dirty Politics affected the election chances of poor mistreated Kerry. I can hear the hypocritical hyperbole already.

I have to conclude that the Democrats love liars and cheats because they tell them the things that they have to hear in order to maintain their fantasy world where sin is not only accepted but good.

The MSM supports cheats and liars because of the challenge. They love pulling the wool over the eyes of Joe Blow Public and proving yet again how superior they are.

You have a right to your own opinions - You do not have a right to your own facts!