Friday, February 25, 2005


If Darwin was right, (and there are many who do not worship at his altar) the human race is in a flux-- an ongoing process of "becoming." The opinions as to the direction and final result of that "becoming" seem to differ greatly based upon whether your zip code is in what the MSM refers to as the Red States (aka Fly-Over Country) or in the Blue bastions of the East and Left Coast.

The self-appointed Brahmins (from the Mount Olympuses of the East & Left Coast Fortresses of Urban Liberalism) believe that our becoming requires the human race to become more tolerant and intelligent. Perfection can only be achieved by using more compassionate and understanding means of overcoming the trials that Gaia puts before us. The ultimate task being the eradication of the evil swamp land created by conservative thought and the dark medieval superstitions of Christianity.

On the other hand, those in the Red hinterland mostly cling to the old notions that one must strive for a strong moral character in order to fight the evil temptations of this world in the hopes that they will reap their rewards in Heaven.

Now that the election is over, and the Red Neanderthals have celebrated their triumph over the evil elitist Liberals, the focus in the battle for the heart and soul of America has now shifted to the President's second term agenda. To the horror of the disspirited, deceived, and yet determined Democrats-- President Bush is energetically pursuing his goals rather than limping along like the lame duck they hoped he would be. Currently, what all of us (red or blue) are trying to analyze and pundisize is the President's trip abroad.

The cynic in me (and I cringe at the thought that God is taking notes) tends to lean toward the old saw that a leopard cannot change his spots. There are those who will never want nor seek to repent (which, correctly defined, means acknowledging and turning from evil.) In spite of the beam in mine own eye, I cannot help but see Putin as the heir to Lenin and Stalin-- who are his spiritual and political mentors. The deceitful, conniving, ruthless KGB officer that he was-- still lurks in the Russian leopard who is now trying to hide his spots.

The "La vie en rose" myopia of the Left sees Bush in much the same way it still sees Reagan-- as a bungling idiot instead of the "irresistible force" of Democracy that moved the "immovable object" of Communism toward the precipice overlooking the "trash heap of history." A position where it rightly lies. (And yes, I am discounting the University of Chicago's and Senator Kerry's fanatical attempts to keep Communism from extinction.*)

Liberals see Putin, not as the vicious KGB enforcer that he still is, but as a mild mannered sophisticated statesman. In one respect he is, with apologies to Saint Paul-- all things to all men, or tries to be. For those of you ignorant of the KGB's history, just ask anyone with a Slavic background what NKVD/KGB means to them, and whether they think he can be trusted.

The recent Ukrainian elections and Putin's frantic, vicious attempts to manipulate them (up to and including, attempting a murder to guarantee the results) gives lie to the Liberal's view, through rosy-hued glasses, that Putin is a born-again reformer. (The "if looks could kill" glare Putin bestowed upon President Bush shown in recent news publications speaks volumes.)

As was expected, by those who understand the Liberal bent of the MSM, Bush has been taken to task for daring to question the emperor about his attire. According to the Liberals and MSM, Putin was correct to voice his, and the world opinion (at least the world according to the Left) about Bush's decision to go to war. However, when Bush stated (oftimes in words that made diplomats cringe) that his purpose in fostering freedom throughout the world was our sacred duty as well as in the best interests of the US-- they claim he is being cowboy- combative and taunting a potential ally.

"President Bush should make more of an effort at not offending Putin and his Gallic and Germanic friends," the MSM and Liberal Left declare. I think, mayhaps, it is Putin and the EU that should make more of an effort to not offend the President of the only remaining superpower, a nation that has the most powerful military force, the most prosperous economy, and more freedoms than even our English cousins can claim (see their Official Secrets Act.)

For the edification of our liberal friends and for those of short memory about Old Europe-- it is the dog that wags the tail. Perhaps, the position and function of the Germanic, Slavic, and Gallic gnats (that are posturing, unconvincingly, as US allies) would be best illustrated as being the part of the dog that is immediately beneath the tail.
*Click here to read more about Senator -Never Met a Communist He Didn't Like- Kerry's attempt to honor W.E.B. DuBois with a Senate Resolution.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005


Just back from visiting the love of my life's hometown Chicago... not exactly world travel... but very different from my Texas world. What can I say but... I LOVED it... perhaps I would not have loved it as much if I was not in the company of my loved one who was showing me the BEST of Chicago, but who knows.

More about my observations later, but I will say one thing... Chicago has Yankees out the kazoo! Everywhere you looked there were Yankees... but they are a much nicer bunch of people than I was wont to believe before my visit. I am very much looking forward to my next visit.

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