Friday, March 18, 2005


"...a dilemma for the national conscience."

"...everyone's stricken loved one the lost daughter, the spouse beyond reach who resides in the dark corners of our worst fears..."

"She's the blank slate upon which both sides in the culture wars can spell out their arguments. She's the Rorschach test for our most enormous, inchoate existential questions. What is the meaning of life, after all? And who gets to decide when it's worth it?"

"Like the miners and Baby Jessica, like Persephone in the underworld in Greek mythology, Sleeping Beauty and Snow White in fairy tales, Terri Schiavo is alive but beyond our reach. The heroine in a state of suspended animation keeps us hanging as well. We are drawn to her in the way we gravitate to the classic, archetypical stories that give substance to universal fears and wishes."

"Stripped of its legal trappings, Terri Schiavo's mystery is our mystery, the one we try to avoid most of the time. It's about how we measure the inherent value of a particular life, your particular life or mine."

"Terri Schiavo can't speak for herself. Into the silence, we project our deepest anxieties about existence and significance. We all wrestle with the meaning of our lives, but we're rarely called upon to quantify it or justify our existence before the court of public opinion. So Terri Schiavo becomes a surrogate for our self-evaluation on some cosmic scale. How would I weigh in if my life hung in the balance? "

This soul-wrenching equivocation is stomach-wretching. Acknowledging that there could be another side in this particular situation is like validating the NAZI view of qualifying life on a sliding FASCIST-calibrated scale. This much vaunted right to die is thrown in our faces as justification for assisted suicide, mercy killing , and the passive euthanasia of "removal" of life sustaining "extraordinary" means. That nebulous SLIPPERY SLOPE our tyrannical Liberals say they fear so much from the Right THEY have shoved down our throats.

Ignoring for the moment, the little mentioned fact that her husband pocketed the million plus collected for her care, ignoring for the moment the buried charges that she suffered the brain trauma directly as a result of her husband's brutality, what is left? His claim she said, SHE SAID, that she would not want to live like a vegetable. How convenient. Worthy of a soap opera if it were not so horrifically real.

You have a right to your own opinions - You do not have a right to your own facts!