Thursday, March 03, 2005


I have gotten quite mellow (a somewhat unusual state for an unemployed writer) while sitting here looking forward to seeing my sweetheart for a great rodeo weekend (it's a Texas thang) and listening to one of the greatest CDs that has ever been burned (George Strait 50 Number Ones.)

I have therefore decided to follow the advice of my soul mate (to do more blog writing than blog reading) by combining the two and try jotting down my thoughts as I check out my favorite bloggers, commentators and wordsmiths. It may not be exactly what the love-of-my-life had in mind but I don't tend to be all that creative when I am in a mellow state... But then this is a vanity blog... so I don't have to worry about looking silly do I? So here are my MELLOW THOUGHTS for March 3, 2005...
I am chuckling over an article by Ann Coulter, "Calling the Kettle Gay." It could be called "Let, go let Spongebob"... but since I can't improve on her discourse about how the Liberals stopped taking their frustrations out on smart, successful Black Republicans and started lashing out at the gays by outing the gay children of prominent Conservatives... I will just encourage you to read it.

Brent Bozell is asking "Is the Liberal Media Dead" in his take on the most recent explosion of hypocrisy by the MSM and the liberal Net frenzy about Gannongate (in collusion with NBC and MSNBC.)

For some inexpicable reason this has made me wonder about how I can master or, at the very least, conquer virtually any software program by playing around in it but cannot for the life of me figure out how to attach my digital camera to the tripod without step by step directions. I wonder if it is the same mental quirk that made me kick-hieny great at Tetris but totally hopeless at Super Mario Brothers... back when I had Nitendo freaks living at home.

Jonah Goldberg wades in on the pajama patriots that have the MSM in such a snit with an article, "The Medium Isn't the Message." He insists that it is not blogging itself that has created such a stir but that is has been a successful outlet for the idealology of the right-wing, much in the same vein as when the right-wing took talk-radio and made AM a viable and successful medium once again.
"It is fairly easy to see that something important is happening in Lebanon, a move in the direction of independence and the idea of a civil society with democratic underpinnings that is reflected elsewhere in the Middle East. It is more difficult to figure out why it is happening just now, what forces have converged at this moment." --Orange County Register

CLUES FOR THE CLUELESS MEMO to the Orange County Register: Afghanistan... Iraq... elections... "Let Freedom Reign" ... President Bush was right after all about opening the door to democracy!
As I begin reading more and more about our Supreme Court (Ayatollahs) I am beginning to lose this mellow mood, so I will stop for now and come back ready for battle once again.

You have a right to your own opinions - You do not have a right to your own facts!