Tuesday, June 21, 2005


The Washington Times reports that Majority Leader Bill Frist, in a letter to Minority Leader Harry Reid, demanded a "formal apology" from Durbin yesterday, and Senate Democrats responded by attacking Republicans:

*** QUOTE ***
Reid spokesman Jim Manley called the Frist letter "pathetic." "Republicans don't have an agenda, so they are trying however they can to pull attention away from the real problems facing the country," Mr. Manley said. "It is interesting to note that reporters got the letter before we did, as far as I can tell."

. . . Asked about the reaction to Mr. Durbin's comments and his apology, Mr. Reid said he was through talking about the controversy. "The American people have really had it up to here with what the president is doing and not doing and what the Republican-led Congress is doing," Mr. Reid said, pointing to a copy of theNew York Times in his hands that had a front-page story about the falling poll numbers of President Bush.

"The statements made by Senator Durbin speak for themselves. I stand by the statement he made,"he said. "We are not going to discuss this any more." Sen. Charles E. Schumer, New York Democrat, refused to address the ADL criticism of Mr. Durbin,saying only that Republicans "will do anything for a diversion." Pressed to give his opinion of the matter, Mr. Schumer turned his back on reporters and ignored the questions.

*** END QUOTE ***

Sen. Frank Lautenberg of New Jersey, a Jewish World War II veteran, did reject the Nazi analogy. In any case, it strikes us that an apology is insufficient at this point. As in the case of Trent Lott, Durbin has shown that he doesn't regret what he said, and indeed appears oblivious to what's wrong with it. Just as Republicans forced Lott out of his leadership role to show thatthey rejected the things he said, the Dems should do the same to Durbin.

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