Thursday, June 30, 2005


Colorado U Professor Ward Churchill Suggests 'Fragging'
Military Officers Has More Impact Than Conscientious Objecting


Ward Churchill is at it again, but this time he is advocating that soldiers kill their superiors. Blogger and First Amendment Law Professor Eugene Volokh goes on O’Reilly to defend Churchill’s comments. Sadly, Churchill does have the right to say this and get away with it (legally that is).

Denver Post reports Churchill's non-retraction of his remarks: Reached at his home in Boulder County on Wednesday night, Churchill said the comments were made merely to spark discussion and not to take a position on fragging, which is the killing or injuring of an officer in combat by a subordinate.

“I neither advocated nor suggested to anyone, anything,” Churchill said. “I asked them to think about where they stood on things.”

Churchill has been accused of plagiarism, academic fraud and misrepresenting his Native American heritage. He is under investigation by the school's Standing Committee on Research Misconduct.

All you never wanted to know about Ward Churchill can be found in an essay at BaboonsAreScaredOfUs and extensively at PirateBallerina.

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