Thursday, June 02, 2005


For those concerned about the immigration issue that the Minuteman movement in Arizona is attempting to bring to our attention... I, a born and bred decesendant of Texas Freedom Fighters, would like to share a bit of Texas history for the purpose of illustrating a point.

When the Anglo settlers in Texas (who were Mexican Citizens if they were landowners) decided to declare independence from Mexico it was because the government had been overthrown and in control of Santa Ana, a tyrannical dictator much like Saddam.

All agreements and constitutional freedoms that had been granted the settlers (as well as many for the Mexican nationals) had been revoked by Santa Ana when he overthrew the Mexican government and he was determined to drive out and destroy all the Anglo settlers and take over their farms, ranches and businesses (in addition to taking anything from Mexican citizens he desired.)

When the decision was made to declare independence from Mexico, many Mexican nationals, who treasured freedom, joined with the Anglo settlers to fight for their independence. Those Mexican nationals became known as Tejanos and their ancestors were honored as heroes here in Texas, just as much as any of the better known names in the US (like Davy Crockett, Jim Bowie.)

Tejanos were every bit as proud of being Texan and American as anyone I knew. When I was growing up, Mexican immigrants were proud to become Americans... they were among the most vocal opponents of bilingual education... they WANTED their children to learn English, to be proud of their adopted country.

Now to my point... the Americans with Mexican heritage and the legal immigrants were opposing bilingual education (the first phase of this drive to open borders.) Those in this country illegally (I object to calling them immigrants) did not yet have a political voice... so WHO was pushing bilingual education?

I will give you a hint... the same people that were pushing MULTICULTURALISM. Have you guessed yet? Yes, it was the liberals... this is why I advocate the eradication of liberalism. Liberalism is the enemy of everything that is American.

Multiculturalism was just another anti-American program. The hated MELTING POT is uniquely American... it is the TRUE American culture... that is why the liberals have spent so much effort trying to demonize it. It is who we are.

The so-called melting pot is a phenomenon that occurs no where else in history. It is when people from many countries and cultures come and bring the best of their heritage to blend with others looking to become part of something that was bigger and better than anything they had ever had before. And by doing so, this country of immigrants developed its own melting pot culture, one that offered freedom and unlimited opportunity for anyone who was willing to work, fight and sometimes die for such an unheard of ideal.

Change and growth is always difficult and so it was with this country... We have had evil infections that had to be rooted out and healed, but we have always strived for that "impossible dream" until we made the impossible, not only possible, but the envy of the world. However, envy can become a sickness... and that sickness has invaded our country and created a sub-culture that we call liberalism. That disease has made great inroads in vital areas of our country and has weakened the very foundations that once made us so strong. Other countries have always and will always attempt to take advantage of and then belittle the US... but our greatest and most dangerous enemy is the one within.

Unfortunately, those that do or have dearly loved this incredible adventure called America have largely been blind to the threat liberalism has become for our country. Expecting, but not demanding, the best from everyone coming to America has been both our greatest strength and our greatest weakness. It was not 9-11 that shook many of us out of our complacency... it was the aftermath, when the liberals shed their various disguises and began to show their true colors and vicious hatred for America that many of us recognized the enemy and became warriors in the War for the Heart and Soul of America where victory is even more vital than in the War on Terror.

The election of George W was an important battle, but there are many more battles yet to be fought and won. Freedom Fighters, such as LetFreedomRing and the other warriors here and in other America-Loving groups, are vital to regaining our lost ground and putting US back on solid ground. We must never again let complacency or ignorance reign in this country. Therefore I implore you not to blame Mexico or certain politicians while ignoring the fact that this illegal invasion was begat and is being legitimatised by that disease of the mind and soul we call liberalism.

You have a right to your own opinions - You do not have a right to your own facts!