Friday, July 01, 2005


One of the Demwit gurus (a Berkeley linguist and author of "Don't Think of an Elephant: Know Your Values and Frame the Debate,") George (Go Jump in a) Lakoff has been dispensing some framing tips to the Democrats recently.
"For a while last week, the Democrats were doing better at framing the issues. The poll numbers showed that Bush's approval rating was down, that around 60% of the voters had turned against the Iraq War, that support for Bush on his handling of 911 and terrorism was lower, but still pretty high."

Lakoff has just said that a political goal of the Democratic Party is to turn the American people against the war the country is now fighting. Perhaps the Dems will now demand that Lakoff desist from questioning their patriotism. *

---James Taranto (WSJ-Best of the Web)

I think I LIKE this Lakoff... what could be better than for the Demwits to frame their values and put them right up there on wall in plain sight for everyone to see... they they would at least have to quit pretending that were not hoping for an American loss in Iraq...

Oops! MY BAD... forgot who I was talking about for a moment. These are the people who would swear the sky was purple if George W said it was blue... then scream to high heaven, demanding Karl Rove's resignation for lying because he said that the left thought the sky was purple.

* They (liberals) have to hope Iraq fails because for it to succeed means that the liberal approach will forever be rendered meaningless and impotent. Their lack of initiative that led directly to one of the worst tragedy’s in American history and was the catalyst for the spreading of democracy through the Middle East generated by the War on Terror, specifically in Iraq, will be forever intrinsically tied to success through pre-emptive action.

--Lee P Butler, Vice Chairman of the Richmond County Republican Party where he resides with his wife and three children and has been published in several outlets including The Richmond County Daily Journal,, The North Carolina Conservative, The Lasting Joy, and is the owner/publisher of

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