Friday, July 01, 2005


Here is my take on anyone desecrating the American flag: if you stomp on it, spit on it–or burn the American flag, you are not deserving of being protected by the many men and women who are putting their lives on the line every day. And you are degrading the lives of those who died in combat, protecting Americans, and innocent civilians in other countries.

If the stompers and flame happy ant-flag protestors view their actions as "freedom of expression" rights–well, they have a real problem other than just hating war or the symbolism associated with the American flag. Most view the reprehensible act as nothing short of "offensive" behavior.

No, I don’t worship the flag, but I have a deep sense of pride and respect whenever I see "Old Glory" waving in the wind, because it represents freedom for deserving and "undeserving" Americans, along with adulation for the bravery executed by our fallen soldiers, who were anything but selfish or cowardly.

When former President Clinton was involved in desecrating the American flag in Russia, he was showing our enemies what he thought of America. This is definitely not the way to show respect for one’s country. It was during this period that antiwar protestors set the stage for the immense disrespect now saturating our country, with the same destructive mentality, that was displayed in the 60's era.

A constitutional amendment to protect the flag is being considered for a vote in the house scheduled sometime this week. While this move is admirable–it shows an alarming trend–pointing out how far removed from civility some people actually are. When the leaders of a country have to pass and enact fundamental laws in order to preserve traditions that are hundreds of years old–the problem is much more deep-rooted than most initially thought. If you ask me: with 81% in favor of the flag protection amendment, this is one of the times lawmakers had better be prepared for a political fallout if they oppose the amendment. I must commend the five Democrats –especially Senator Dianne Feinstein of California, and Ben Nelson of Nebraska who are supporting the amendment. But it doesn’t say much for the majority of the Democrats who are in opposition of the amendment . . . right?

To even imply that the flag protection enactment would "infringe" on the "freedom of expression" is totally ridiculous! To point out how ridiculous: some might look at murdering someone as an expression of freedom . . . right as well.

Kaye Grogan

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