Monday, August 08, 2005


One of my vices: I love TOP TEN lists... Considering how often it is done, I must suppose that I am not the only one. Jeff Jarvis of BuzzMachine asked recently for your Top Ten TV shows (with a nod to the less obvious choices)

I don't know that most of the posters followed his request. I didn't completely, but I will here. First the list as I posted it...
So hard to narrow down all the different types to one all-time list when you consider the comedies, varieties and shoot-em up westerns you loved as a kid. But we shall do our best...

1. Touched By An Angel
2. Star Trek TNG
3. Bob Newhart (either)
4. X-Files
5. Quantum Leap
6. Law & Order
7. Prisoner
8. Addams Family
9. Avengers
10. All my favorite serial type shows: Twilight Zone, Outer Limits, Alfred Hitchcock, Tales From the Crypt. (I included Fantasy Island here although it did not really fit.)

PLUS an Honorable mention for 2 shortlived shows that would have become all time greats if they had been handled better: Adventures of Briscoe County Jr and American Gothic.

Second Honorable Mention to my favorite variety shows which are not among my top ten choices would be Laugh In, Carol Burnet and the oh so corny fun, Hee Haw.

Third Honorable Mention to the ONLY reality/competition show on any of my watch lists: Nashville Star.

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