Thursday, September 01, 2005


THERE SHOULD BE A SPECIAL PLACE IN HELL FOR MANY MSM REPORTERS: I am furious at some of the reporters on network news who are using a great deal of their airtime to criticise the federal government and President Bush. One reporter on CNN, Miles something, I think, was interviewing the governor of Mississippi. He was asking the governor if he was upset at the inadequate response of the feds. The governor (whom I have taken a great liking to from his interviews since Monday) said that he was not in the least upset and did not think the response was inadequate or slow. He was explaining how the troops and resources had to be positioned outside the threat areas in order to keep from being blown away by the hurricane and that they are mobilizing now as quickly as they can.

The journalist proceeded to argue with the governor to the point that he was talking over the governor's remarks. The governor then responded rather testily that if the reporter wanted an argument he wasn't going to oblige. If he was interested in what the governor thought he would be glad to share it, but he wasn't going to agree because the MSM nincompoop was wrong (I think he bit his tongue about here to keep from saying the reporter was full of it.)

THERE SHOULD BE A SPECIAL PLACE IN HELL NEXT TO THE REPORTERS FOR THE WHINERS THEY ARE INTERVIEWING: While all the police, firemen, national and coast guard men are out there risking their lives to save the people that were too STUPID to evacuate in front of a Category 5 Hurricane, the biggest, most damaging, if not the most powerful storm in US history, the survivors stand there in front of the camera complaining, loudly and bitterly,that no one took the time to tell them where to go...

MEMO to all the IDIOTS: Everyone from the governor down to your Parish dogcatcher DID tell you where to go! They BEGGED you to get the hell outta Dodge. On Saturday the Louisiana governor begged on TV (I heard her) and I QUOTE (loosely) "Get your family and pets and haul ass OUT of Louisiana if you can or into designated shelters if you can't!" You thought you were smarter than they were... well guess what... you were STUPID! So SUCK IT UP and suffer. Many of the guys and gals putting their lives on the line right now to save you and your fellow cretins lost everything too!

Some people are just TOO STUPID TO LIVE! There I've said it, and I'm NOT SORRY! (Left Wingers who mock creationism take note: this is GODLESS DARWINISM at work, survival of the fittest.)
THERE SHOULD BE A SPECIAL PLACE IN HELL FOR LOOTERS AND ALL THE THUGS THEY ARE CURRENTLY SHIPPING INTO HOUSTON: I would like to point out once again that you are NOT seeing this wide-scale looting and disrespect for law and order in Mississsippi!

I will be adding more rants when I must, to keep from exploding.

You have a right to your own opinions - You do not have a right to your own facts!